Folk Dance Club

Club Library of Folk Dance Books & CDs of Music

Current State of the Library

The club has a Library of books, CDs & calling cards, generously donated by past members. It is now too large to fit into the club's cupboard, & is therefore held off site.

Library Lists of Contents

There are lists of the books & the CDs in the library, which are accessible to all club members. Please contact the librarians for a copy.

Some of the detail of the contents of each CD, & the list of calling cards is however, incomplete - work-in-progress.

Accessibility of Library Items

The books, CDs & calling cards are available for all club members to peruse & borrow. Please contact a librarian if you want to look, beg or borrow any item(s). It(they) will be brought along to the next club meeting.

Please return any borrowed library items within 2 weeks, or as soon as possible afterwards.

Aims of the Library

It is an aim to generate a collection of folk dance books & CDs for the benefit of the membership, & for posterity.

Duplicate items donated from anyones' estate will be distributed amongst the club members.

Where the library currently contains part of a collection, the aim is to complete that collection; even to augment it, if possible.

If the collection is out of print, the librarians will look to acquire copies to complete a particular collection.

If tapes of poor quality have been transferred to CD, then they will be replaced with re-mastered CDs wherever possible.

Another aim of the library is to support the local people who create tunes & dances.