Folk Dance Club

Club Library of Folk Dance Books & CDs of Music

Current State of the Library

The club has a Library of books, CDs & calling cards, generously donated by past members. It is now too large to fit into the club's cupboard, & is therefore held off site. Email Richard: web@bfdc .club for more info (remove any spaces).

Library Lists of Contents

There are lists of the books & the CDs in the library, which are accessible to all club members. Please contact the librarians, preferably by electronic methods, for a copy.

Accessibility of Library Items

The books, CDs & calling cards are available for all club members to peruse & borrow. Please contact a librarian if you want to look, beg or borrow any item(s). They will be brought along to the next club meeting.

Please return any borrowed library items as soon as conveniently possible.

Aims of the Library

Donated items, found to be duplicates, will either be distributed amongst club members, or given to Folk Sales.