Folk Dance Club

Links to Folk Dance web sites:

  • Local & UK Folk Events Diaries

  • Sources of Folk Dances

  • Folk Dance Organisations

Local & UK Folk Events Diaries:

Somerset and Dorset Folk Events Diary

  • The Local events & diary

Set and Turn Single

  • Inactive, but still up - rumoured to be taken over by EFDSS


  • The directory of open folk activities throughout the UK

  • Folk Dancing of all types, Cajun, Contra, Ceilidh etc

  • Mapped by county

  • Current news

Sources of Folk Dances new & old:

Cambridge Folk Dance Club Database

  • Hugh Stewart's Dance Directory, listing Dances, Books & Recordings. The database is augmented by interested parties, like us, filling out the details of new & old material

Folk Sales in the UK

  • Genni & Darren Grainger's new website - the source of folk dance books & CDs worldwide

  • Carrying on where Derek & Ann Appleing left off - supporting the community once the EFDSS shop closed. (The EFDSS outlet is still open, but has only re-releases of the Community Manuals & the associated CDs.)

  • Thanks to Colin Hume for the website

  • Thanks also to Barry Bullimore, who has gifted his library to the Folk Sales

Anthony Heywood's database

  • His database of over 20,000 country dances & associated music

  • Newly supported online by Colin Hume

  • [Some of it is a database of moves within a dance rather than of the dance notations themselves]

Country Dance & Song Society

  • The website hosts collections of dances & research material from:

    • Charles Bolton

    • Ken Sheffield

    • Ted Sanella

Colin Hume's own website

  • His website of his own dances, books & recordings; he also gives the music notation

  • Notations of new dances that he particularly likes, from other choreographers from around the world

  • Constructive thoughts about old dances, style and arrangements

Gary Roodman's website

  • All his own dances and books explained

  • Plus details of minor corrections

Nederlandse Volksdans Stichting

  • Cor Hogendijk's dances from his book: English or Double Dutch Volume II

Pat Shaw's Legacy website

  • The compilation of his dances

  • Plus thoughts on old dances style & arrangements

Sharon Green's website

  • All her own early dances (unfortunately the website cannot be updated)

Thomas Green's A Barn Dance Repertoire

  • His database of circa 150 barn dances

  • Calling cards & information about the music

  • Again supported & commented by Colin Hume

  • Sponsored by CDSS

Folk Dance Organisations:

Country Dance & Song Society (of America)

English Folk Dance & Song Society (of England)

  • Cecil Sharp House is the EFDSS base for dancing, & it is the home of the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, which holds much of the old music & dancing documents

Halsway Manor

  • This lovely manor house, set in the Quantocks, is dedicated to encouraging & preserving folk traditions.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (of Scotland)

Nederlandse Volksdans Stichting (the Dutch Folk-dance Foundation)

  • Predominately for Dutch, English, Scottish & American dances in holland

Cecil Sharp House in London

Halsway Manor nestled in the Quantocks