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Somerset and Dorset Folk Events Diary

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Sources of Folk Dances new & old:

The following listed sites are known collections of dances. However, there are libraries & museums out there who have put their own collections of old & ancient documents on line, for all to see. Happy hunting!!

Bay Area Country Dance Society - Odd Sundays Garage Band

Cambridge Folk Dance Club Database

Folk Sales in the UK

Anthony Heywood's database

Country Dance & Song Society 

Colin Hume's own website

Gary Roodman's website

Nederlandse Volksdans Stichting

Pat Shaw's Legacy website

Sharon Green's website

Thomas Green's A Barn Dance Repertoire

Folk Dance Organisations:

Country Dance & Song Society  (of America)

English Folk Dance & Song Society  (of England)

Halsway Manor

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society  (of Scotland)

Nederlandse Volksdans Stichting (the Dutch Folk-dance Foundation) 

Cecil Sharp House in London

Halsway Manor nestled in the Quantocks