Folk Dance Club

Local Folk Dance Clubs & Groups (50 mile radius approx.)

Local Weekly Clubs:

Bridport Folk Dance Club

Dances every Monday 7.15 to 9.30pm.

Contact Sue or Mike 01308 458 165 or 01308 863 552 before travelling far.

At Bridport WI Hall, North Street Bridport DT6 3JQ

Note: parking at Rax Lane Car Park just up the road

Highcliffe Folk Dance Club

Dances on Thursdays at 7.30pm.

At Highcliffe Community Association, Greystones House, Waterford Road, Highcliffe. BH23 5JL.

For more info email Jan (just omit the spaces):

ja nh ar ris 16@ hot ma .uk

Langton Matravers Folk Dance Club

Dances on Tuesdays at 7.30pm.

At Langton Matravers Village Hall, Langton Matravers, near Swanage. BH19 3HA.

For more info email Mike (just omit the spaces):

mh wa ls ha w@ ta lk ta lk .n et

Salisbury Folk Dance Club

Dances on Tuesdays at 7.30pm.

At St Martin's CofE Primary School, Shady Bower, Salisbury. SP1 2QT

Follow the above link for more detail.

Wareham Folk Dance Club

Dances on Monday evenings at 7.30pm.

Mostly live music with Steve & Rosemary Hunt.

At Stoborough Village Hall, Stoborough, near Wareham. BH20 5AD. (Stoborough Post Office)

For more info email Elizabeth (just omit the spaces):

wa re ha mf ol kd an ce @g ma il .c om

Local Monthly Clubs:

East Dorset Folk Dance Club

Dances from 3.00 to 5.40pm on the 3rd or 4th Saturday of each month.

At St Marks Church Hall, Hinton Wood Avenue, Highcliffe. BH23 5AA

Bring and share tea.

2022 Programme

  • 17th September with Richard Lane

  • 15th October with Rosemary & Steve Hunt

  • 19th November with David Tullis (& AGM)

  • 17th December Christmas Party

For more info email Jan (just omit the spaces):

ja nh ar ris 16@ hot ma .uk

Folk Association of South Hants (FASH)

Dance Workshops on some Sundays from 10.30am to 3.30pm.

Either at Twyford Parish Hall, or Soberton Village Hall.

Follow the above link above for more detail.

Woodlands Folk Dance Workshops

Workshops on 1st Wednesday of the month at 2.30pm.

Live music with Steve & Rosemary Hunt.

At Woodlands Village Hall, Woodlands near Verwood. BH21 8LJ.

  • 7th September

  • 5th October

  • 2nd November

  • 7th December

For more info email Rosemary (just omit the spaces):

ro se ma ry .h un t@ uw cl ub .n et

U3A Groups

Several of our members support & lead the English folk dancing lessons offered by the U3A in the local area.

As these groups are independent; & you need to be a member to attend; & the time, frequency & locations change; the contact details need to be individually researched.

  • Bournemouth U3A

  • Christchurch U3A

  • Ferndown U3A

  • Verwood U3A