Folk Dance Club

Bournemouth Folk Dance Club is a happy & friendly group of around 40 members who enjoy an evening of dancing & socialising.

Anyone is welcome to come & join us every Monday, from 7:30pm to 10:00pm - see the Findus page for where. See the Programme page for what's on - when we're open, & who's calling each week.

Do come along – stay for 1 week (your first visit is free), two weeks, or maybe stay a lifetime if you find the exercise, dancing and company are for you.

The Club meets at the Annunciation Church Hall in Bournemouth. It has a superbly sprung dance floor that encourages us all to get onto the floor & enjoy the dance. We will give any English, American or Scottish folk dance a go!

We encourage all. New members to dance, & experienced members to try out their calling skills.

We dance a wide variety of dances, from the old rustic country type - Barn Dances, through the `Pride & Prejudice` style of courtly dances (Regency & Playford dances), & the Scottish Ceilidh style of dances, to modern day American Squares & Contra dances, & now, Historical English style dances.

New creations come from all over the world, & in all types of styles.  

We dance in anyway we each feel the music – walking, skipping or step-hopping!  Recorded music is generally used with many modern renditions of the old tunes and most delightful new ones.  We walk through each dance to start with, and then the moves are called during the dance. Thus: members of all abilities enjoy dancing together. Experienced dancers often assist when & where necessary.

We hold some special occasion dances:

Our Day of Dance in early spring, held for the last 2 years, has been very well received. Next year is already booked!

There is also a Summer Dance, which we arrange jointly with the Salisbury Folk Dance Club. Details of these dances & more, can be found on our Special Dances page.

If you are interested in other local events, there is a page listing the details of local clubs, with links to their websites - if there is one: Local Clubs page.

The Links page lists:

Sites that advertise events in the south of England (roughly from Hampshire to Somerset).

Folk Sales in the UK.

Places in the UK, that are of historical significance for English folk dancing.

Sites that are of further interest to English folk dancing.