Folk Dance Club

Bournemouth Folk Dance Club is a friendly, happy group, who meet weekly, & enjoy an evening of English folk dancing & socialising.

We dance a wide variety of dances, from the old rustic country barn type to `Pride & Prejudice` style of courtly, regency dances; through to more modern styles such as American circles, squares & contras. As well as lots of information about the old styles of dancing; there is now a wealth of new folk dances and tunes being created all over the world. These are in all types of styles: historical English, modern English, American squares, contra & other types of dances. We will give any English, Scottish or American folk dance a go!

Recorded music is generally used with club callers; but we do frequently support local musicians, together with guest callers, to come & give that added zest of a live performance.

To see the full list of our club events & callers, visit our Dance Programme page.

To see information about our special dances, visit our Special Dances page.

To see information about other local clubs in the area, visit our Local Clubs page.

Anyone is welcome to join us. Do come along – stay for 1 week, (your first visit is free) two weeks, or maybe stay a lifetime, if you find the exercise, dancing, music and company are for you.

Please contact a member of the committee, if you have any comments, click here

The hall has a superbly sprung dance floor that encourages us all to get up onto the floor, & enjoy the dancing.

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The music is modern reditions of old tunes, plus some delightful new tunes.

We walk through each dance to start with, and then the moves are repeatedly called during the dance.

We dance in anyway we each feel the music – walking, skipping or step-hopping.

We encourage all:

  • New members to dance.

  • Experienced members to try out their calling skills.

  • Anyone wishing to play in a band.

  • Anyone creative enough to try their own dances.

Thus: members of all capabilities enjoy the dancing together.

In summary we dance any of the following:

  • Playford dances

  • Regency dances

  • English country dances

  • English folk dances

  • Scottish country dances

  • American country dances

  • American square dances

  • American contra dances

  • Barn dances

  • Ceilidh dances